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An in-depth look at America's Premier League allegiances

I can barely contain my laughter. THE GOOD GUYS!!!

So, the Giants might be pretty bad.

It’s only 3 games into the season but it’s difficult to overlook the fact the Giants very likely have fatal flaws on both sides of the ball. The offensive line has been atrocious, and while Eli Manning has played poorly and the running game has been non-existent, it’s hard to evaluate the offense objectively without keeping in mind just how bad the offensive line has been. Unable to provide any kind of push on running plays in weeks one and two, any semblance of pass protection evaporated today.

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INSIDE INFO! Breaking Bad Spoiler!!!!

I’ve received the script for the last episode of Breaking Bad, turns out it was just a five season long CSI: Miami spinoff and when Horatio Caine finds Walt White’s mangled body after the climactic shootout he just puts on his sunglasses and says “Looks like he’s…Broken Bad.” Crazy stuff, you guys.

I know I’ve been away a while…

But I still don’t get the purpose of a lot of these spam tumblrs that just incoherently reblog totally random things?


I spoke to a woman at my job yesterday who, despite having kids in high school, and despite having a livelihood directly dependent on properly funded school districts, proudly boasted she votes against her school district’s budget annually.


How The X-Files sparked a revolution in television

One of my favorite shows ever. The fact the premiere was 20 years ago is mildly depressing, as I vividly remember watching the first season, but I’m glad it’s another excuse to talk about how much this show rules. I got into it from the beginning as a kid and while I’m pretty sure I didn’t fully appreciate it in 1993 as a third grader watching it on Friday nights on FOX* I sure do now.

*(I felt SO MATURE watching X-Files and Star Trek: TNG as a kid but to be honest they were the only hour-long shows I really watched until college. I have high standards.)

Giants Analysis, Week One.

Now, I’m no “highly paid football expert” but it would seem to me turning the ball over 6 times is not a good thing. The fact they had a chance to beat the Cowboys late in the fourth speaks to what a poorly played game it was on both sides, with the Giants managing to make one final, fatal mistake on a botched screen pass to Da’Rell Scott, only put in that spot because of David Wilson’s fumblitis and Andre Brown’s injury.

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Set a personal record yesterday at the Color Run by running a 5K in 30 minutes AND as an added bonus my legs don’t even feel like falling off today! Had a blast, too! #colorrun #5k

Set a personal record yesterday at the Color Run by running a 5K in 30 minutes AND as an added bonus my legs don’t even feel like falling off today! Had a blast, too! #colorrun #5k

Running? Running.

I have my first 5 K in about 8 hours and, to be honest, I’m quite looking forward to it. I’ve only actually run the equivalent of a 5K twice - a bit less than 36 minutes both times - and both times were in the last few weeks (the last time was Wednesday). To be honest I was surprised I even did that well. I’ve never been a runner, obviously, but I managed to do it without my legs falling off or dying, so that was good enough for starters.

It will be an experience. I do plan on sticking with it some so the Color Run won’t be the last time I do this, either.

Now, about getting to sleep…


I don’t know what to think of the trailer. What do you think of the trailer? RoboCop was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I am very concerned that they’re abandoning the “Detroit is a wasteland thing” because Detroit is now actually a wasteland. Also, the original is still pretty damned good and honestly was kind of creepily predictive of Detroit’s downfall, inflated corporate influence over everyone’s lives, and also the eventual inanity of television newscasts. IT’S ART AND YOU DON’T MESS WITH ART. They know this, which is why they went out of their way to explain why they changed the iconic suit IN THE FIRST MINUTE OF THE TRAILER.

I’m rambling. Yes, I’ll once again try to write more. These past few months have been eventful and I’ll try to put my thoughts here as opposed to clogging everyone’s twitter feed with 30 tweets on some coach getting fired or how annoying I find most of social media (irony!).


The Day Medford Made It

My hometown! WE MADE IT, EVERYBODY! I really hope this can soon become another fun fact on the Wikipedia article on Medford, which already includes nuggets like this:

A segment of Peconic Avenue east of Buffalo Avenue has been lined with automotive junk yards since the mid-20th century. Two long-standing auto wreckers have been Medford Auto Wreckers and Gershow Recycling.

Exciting times, you guys!

Adventures in Yoga

Tonight will be the seventh time I’ve done hot yoga since starting it last month, and while i thought it would be good for me, I’ve taken to it even more than i thought i would. It started as an effort to do something different than the usual weights or what have you, but it’s become such a routine that I was ticked off that I had to miss last Thursday’s class, before realizing I could just go on Friday. Whoops.

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What Do I Want From The 2013 Mets?

A World Series Championship?

Well, yes, but that…probably isn’t happening. So what do I personally think would make for a relatively successful Mets season? I’m just about over spring training, so I came up with a few things that I’m hoping for as I look ahead to Opening Day.

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